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The Perfect Omelet: Does It Work?

What if you could make the perfect omelet in the microwave in minutes? This As Seen on TV product, called the Perfect Omelet, promises it can do just that.

For $20, your Perfect Omelet package comes with a plastic microwavable dish that folds and fastens. But Does It Work? Let's get cracking.

The directions day to beat four eggs and pour half of the egg mix into one side of the plastic container and half on the other side. That was simple! Once you have the eggs situated, you can fix it the way you want. I'm adding cheese to my omelet. Now, just pop it in the microwave and cook it for one minute on high.

After one minute, the omelet was still runny. But the directions say to push the edges toward the middle so the raw egg can run over and cook. I popped it back in the microwave for another 30 seconds as recommended. It was still undercooked. But, the directions say to keep repeating this step until the edges are cooked. After two minutes, the omelet was ready to be folded in half by shutting the plastic container. I popped it in for another 30 seconds. "It looks ready. It's very fluffy."

I cut the middle part out and it did look tasty! So I had to try it! And it was perfect! It works!

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