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Early Voters Turn Out in Record Numbers

Voters are turning out in record numbers to make their voices heard in the November 4th Special Tax Election. So far, 2,538 people have placed early votes. That's up from 2,199 voters through the third day of voting in the may 2002 election.

This is the issue at hand, an increase in the sales tax. The Lubbock City Council is proposing a three-eighths of a penny increase, bringing the sales tax to 8.25%.

  • Two-eights of that would go toward lower property taxes.
  • One-eighth would fund economic development.

The League of Women Voters wants to make sure you make an educated decision, so they've prepared pamphlets, explaining both sides of the issue. On Thursday, they participated in an educational workshop, looking at the impact of the sales tax on those with different incomes. "What it demonstrates is that lower income levels pay a substantially higher percentage of their incomes to sales tax than higher income levels do," says Linda Krefting, President of the League of Women Voters.

The League of Women Voters is not taking a stance on the issue, for or against. However, they've prepared a voter's guide, which you can get by (clicking here).

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