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Drawing the Lines for Two Cities

A 1998 "Rolling Boundary" agreement drawn up by the city of Wolfforth, ultimately forced the city of Lubbock to give up a portion of land to Wolfforth. The city of Lubbock complied. But now, Lubbock officials are setting new boundaries.

"Wolfforth has already annexed the southern portion of land for development and that the northern part is in their extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ) because of a quote, 'Rolling ETJ or boundary," said Marc McDougal, Lubbock Mayor.

Lubbock city council set firm boundaries Thursday on 66th and Alcove. They're trying to keep the city of Wolfforth from rolling it's boundaries closer into Lubbock territory. If the city of Lubbock didn't establish its boundaries, the city of Wolfforth could keep 'rolling' its boundaries another half square mile into Lubbock territory. Lubbock officials were afraid Wolfforth would keep rolling half mile after half mile closer. The firm boundaries won't let that happen.

Wolfforth Mayor L.C. Childers is pleased with the agreement, because Wolfforth will annex the whole square mile of property it's always wanted, build more than 400 new homes on that land and benefit by having a large tax base. "Preston Manor will develop in our city limits. It will be great for us," said Childers.

One year ago, Wolfforth officials approached the city of Lubbock to give up a half square mile of it's property. But for fear of loosing future property tax money, Lubbock said no.

Lubbock Mayor Marc McDougal says if they would have known about the 'Rolling Boundary' agreement, this issue could have been resolved months ago. "It's more frustrating for the developer who's been slowed down by a year by this process," said McDougal.

Mayor McDougal says they've put to rest this issue and hopefully others in the future.

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