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Surgeries Cancelled Due to South Plains Blood Shortage

The empty recliners say it all. "Nothing, nothing's going on, that's the problem," said Johnna Pevey of United Blood Services.

Stories about blood shortages have become so commonplace, that's it's difficult to call them news anymore. A search of the NewsChannel 11 archive found seven reports about the critical need for blood this year alone. On Thursday, a press release from Covenant hospital explained that the blood supply was so low an open heart surgery was cancelled.

"The chronic shortage is a result of chronic apathy," said Pevey. An attitude with devastating effects. Each day area hospital consume between 100 and 150 units of blood. "Hospitals come to us daily sometimes, looking for blood, and we have to have it and we don't," said Pevey.

"You never know when you'll need it," said donor Aletta Owens. Helping to meet the demand, and hooked on a feeling. "You know, a little boy needed blood and I came and gave and it just felt good to know you were helping him out," she said. One, full pint, of do-good spirit. The antidote to apathy.

"Don't wait until it's in your house and the need is so personal. Because it's already in someone else's house and it's already that personal for them," said Pevey.

Blood donors must be at least 17-years-old, at least a 110 pounds and in good health. You can donate drop at United Blood Services at 2523 48th or call (806) 741-1752 to make an appointment.

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