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Food for Thought Report 10.23

City inspectors were busy looking into the kitchens of more than 20 local restaurants and that leads to a Food for Thought report full of good news.


Food for Thought 10.23
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 10/23/03.
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They stand alone as the only restaurant this week to receive a perfect score. Burger Boy at 710 East Broadway gets zero critical violations. Assistant Manager Arnita Lloyd says with a staff of just two people, it's important to stay on top of things and they've got the routine down. "We clean up as we go. Like if we mess something up, we try to clean it up. Sometimes it's hard but we just make sure everything's tip top."

This repeat Top Performer places cleanliness and safety at the top of their list, and good old fashioned customer service is just as important. "Well of course we always have to smile, that's the main thing and we try to get to know our customers by their names you know and they feel comfortable when they come. You know, makes them feel comfortable, makes them come back and we treat them like they're our best friends," says Lloyd.

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    Food for Thought Health Code Violations

    Curious about just what a critical violation is? Find out the rules that Lubbock restaurants have to follow to make the grade.
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