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Extreme weather puts strain on South Plains wildlife

The extreme weather across Texas has put a major strain on the South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Lubbock. The only rehabilitation center within 350 miles, the SPWRC is taking in 30 to 50 animals on a daily basis.

Gail Barnes with the SPWRC says the triple digit temperatures, high winds, drought and wildfires have depleted many of the natural habitats and food sources for several types of wildlife across Texas.

"We're getting many animals from areas that had a lot of wildfires because the diminished food supply," said Barnes. "It's going to be a year from now and we're going to be feeling the effects for the wildlife."

The center is seeing double the amount of animals they usually get this time of year because more are coming in from all over the state. "Oh yea, we have seen an influx... even skunks are coming in, everything is coming into the city for water and food," said Barnes.

Mostly, the center has brought in a large amount of birds. "High winds blow the nestlings out of the nest. Another thing that's happening with extreme heat is the birds are abandoning their nest and leaving their chicks," said Barnes.

Due to large amount of animals coming in, Barnes says they are in great need of volunteers and monetary donations. "We're working eight to eight, sometimes eight to ten at night. Since we have an influx of animals so that means an increased work load. We desperately need volunteers," said Barnes.

If you come in to contact with wildlife Barnes says to not feed or touch the animals. Instead you should call animal control at 806-775-2057 or call the SPWRC at 806-799-2142.

If you would like help volunteer your time or money (click here).

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