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People camp out at Chick-fil-A in search of a year's worth of chicken sandwiches


It has been in Lubbock for almost 40 years, but the popular fast-food restaurant chain still has only two locations here. That is about to change.

Now, another one is here, and like all the chain's grand openings, people are camping out trying to cash in on a year's worth of chicken sandwich meals.

The location off of 82nd and Milwaukee opened their doors at 6 o'clock Wednesday morning anyone who wants to participate.

The first 100 adults in line will receive 52 free Chick-fil-A meal certificates. Participants need to be 18 years or older. The golden rule is you have to stay within the boundaries for the full 24 hours. They will be taking attendance, if you leave you will no longer be eligible.

The free vouchers cost the location nearly $26,000.

We caught up with one camper and this isn't his first rodeo. They call him the Godfather of Chick-fil-A parking lots. Chicken products are the offer he can't refuse. Juan Sierra is from San Antonio and this is his 56th grand opening. He was the first person in line in Lubbock.

"Dallas I've been to five and Houston about 30," said Sierra.

Sierra never thought he would get to this point. He's battled cancer and had a stroke.

"Six years ago I had five bypasses," said Sierra.

His journey started because he simply loves Chick-fil-A.

"Eat more chicken!" said Sierra.

Each location Sierra goes to, something interesting happens. He's been through rain, shine and sleet. He will never forget Houston.

"The radio announced seek shelter so we lowered all the tents and the owner told us to get inside. Everything was sheer black," said Sierra.

Luckily, it's not raining on those camping outside. Victor Valdez and his family are happy about that. It's their first time to camp out waiting for the infamous prize.

"They've given us refreshments and chicken biscuits so they are taking care of us," said Valdez.

Valdez is a school teacher in Lubbock and has a little time on his hands, because school is out for the summer.

"We were playing sorry earlier, Mexican train, we brought cards and my Sudoku book," said Valdez.

Others pass the time taking a nap, playing on the computer or throwing the ball around.

Sierra says it all comes down to spending time will his family and friends. Something this Godfather will do at the next grand opening.

"I'm a survivor of cancer and I'm able to make some more. I'm going to keep making them till god says no more," said Sierra.

Campers will wake up at 6 o'clock Thursday morning to receive their vouchers. The new location will be open after that to the public.

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