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Chancellor's Check-Up: Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a disease that affects a number of people in their lifetime. Dr. Lisa Popp, an assistant professor at the Texas Tech Medical Center, say that there is difference between alcohol abuse and alcoholism.

She says that the disease is comprised of the following elements: craving, the absolute desire for the drug, loss of control, and once you start drinking, you cannot stop. Upon removal of the drug, a person can actually have physical symptoms such as tremors, nausea, and anxiety. Finally, dependence. A person needs more of the drug to get the same effects and the same high. Alcohol abuse has none of these.

Not only can alcoholism lead to Cirrhosis of the liver, brain disease, and death, but also, it drastically alters the quality of life.

Dr. Popp says that alcoholism can lead to abuse of other drugs. A person can't hold a job, can't stay in a relationship, and then gets depressed -- and it's just an overall negative lifestyle.

Although researchers studying alcoholism have shown there is a strong genetic component to the disease, anyone without a history of alcoholism in their family can still become an alcoholic.

If you believe alcohol is influencing your decisions and overwhelming your life, please seek medical attention. Unfortunately, alcohol is an equal opportunity addiction.

As the holiday's approach, make good decisions.

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