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Man who sprays Raid on dogs gives up ownership

The Lubbock man caught on video spraying Raid insect killer all over his dogs willingly gave up most of the dogs he was keeping in cinder block kennels.

The property located on County Road 7250, just west of Avenue P, had dozens of kennels holding around 70 dogs of all breeds. While charges have not yet been filed by the District Attorney's Office, the owner who goes by Mr. Li, has willingly handed over many of the dogs.

"Friday Mr. Li and his daughter we're down there at the property, and I just wanted to go down there and see if I could help," said Nikki Cuevas, the daughter of Mr. Li's neighbor. "They said you want dogs? I said I would take whatever you can give me."

Nikki called a local rescue group who helped take 34 dogs off the property. Nikki and her mother took two puppies to foster. "He just kept bringing me dogs left and right. We all just kind of made a little trail all the way down to the rescue center," said Nikki.

The spokeswoman for the rescue group says most of the dogs were in good shape but a few had heart worms. She also said the property was littered with hip, thigh, and spinal cord bones of all types of animals.

The neighbor directly next to the property, Nicolle Chagolla, says she bought the property from Mr. Li last night. Besides the few dogs Mr. Li took with him, Nicolle says the rest of the dogs have been given to good homes.

"I just want the dogs to go to a nice loving home, get out of the life they were living in, and be able to be around people, be able to socialize, be around kids and enjoy the rest of their life.... Whatever they have left," said Nikki.

The Lubbock DA's office is still investigating the case.

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