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Three Dead Near Lake Ransom Canyon

Ransom Canyon police, sheriff's deputies and the Texas Rangers are all involved in an overnight double homicide that resulted in a deputy shooting the suspect. "(At) approximately 2:23 this (Monday) morning we got a 911 call reporting what they thought was a burglary in progress. At that point we heard on the tape that vehicle was being driven into the residence then there were two shots fired," said Paul Scarborough, Lubbock Sheriff's Office Chief.

The shooting happened here at 78 South Lakeshore Drive in Ransom Canyon. The suspect, Brad Calverley apparently drove his Ford Explorer into his parents house, then took a rifle out of their gun cabinet and shot his parents to death. Police arrived as Calverley fled the scene. A chase ensued.

Calverley ran into a field off of farm road 1729, then led authorities on a foot chase. "He tried to get in a house and he was armed with a rifle our officers ended up having to use deadly force," said Scarborough

Neighbors in Ransom Canyon were shocked to hear of the events that unfolded. "They were real nice people, they were very active in the church out here and everybody knows everybody and they were a lot of fun," said Carol Hulslandar, a next door neighbor of victims.

Hulslandar, said her neighbors' son was sick. "He had an illness. Yes, he was mentally disturbed, and I think that was probably what happened. They were wonderful people to have around, we're going to miss them."

At this time, hours after the shooting the investigation continues. There are still many questions to be answered.

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