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A Family of Three Shot Dead In and Around Ransom Canyon

The investigation has been handed off to Texas Rangers who are investigating the shooting death of a man who went on a shooting spree early Monday morning inside Ransom Canyon.

Two crime scenes, one shooter. Forty-two year-old Bradley Calverley. His weapon, a high powered rifle and a the sports utility vehicle he was driving. Lubbock County Sheriff's authorities say Calverley rammed his car into the house of his parents. Tire tracks lead up to the house of Darlene and Harry Calverley.

Who was Brad Calverley?
On the outside everything was fine, but underneath was a man ripped apart by mental illness.
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Police say their son, Bradley, had pulled out a weapon and shot both of his parents at close range. Darlene, the shooter's mother had called 911 before her son shot her and her husband to death. "The dispatcher heard a loud crash, glass breaking, and the caller began screaming and dropped the phone. There was screaming in the background and dispatcher hears two gunshots," said Lubbock Sheriff David Gutierrez at a news conference on Monday afternoon.

Then police say Calverley, the suspect, drove his SUV to a field on FM 1729 and ran toward a house about 300 to 400 yards away from his SUV with a rifle in hand. He tried breaking into the house but failed. He also tried breaking into the suburban. Sheriff's deputies had arrived on the scene and demanded Calverley to put the gun down. Police say that's when Calverley pointed the rifle at the deputies, then deputies gunned him down.

Sheriff Gutierrez says two deputies shot Calverley down. A third officer was on the scene. All have been placed on paid administrated leave pending the Texas Rangers investigation.

Reports indicate that the shooter Bradley Calverley was finally taken down nearly one hour after shooting his parents.

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