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LP&L to ask: Why waste water when wastewater will do?


We might get an update this week on Lubbock Power and Light's efforts to preserve precious drinking water.  Right now LP&L uses perfectly good tap water to cool their power plants.  Most of the LP&L board thinks that's horrible waste of perfectly good water when the power plants could instead use partially treated waste water, sometimes called "grey water."

There are some hold ups.  For example, the city is not anxious to spend millions of dollars for new pipelines to redirect wastewater to the power plants.  The counter argument is that grey water is cheaper and over time the pipelines would pay for themselves.  And, there is at least some concern over whether the plants could utilize grey water or if it would gum up the machinery.  Xcel successfully uses grey water at its Jones station just outside of Lubbock.

The LP&L board gets an update on the issue Thursday and we'll pass along that update to you.

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