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Woodhouse Day Spa offering free spa services for military and their spouses

Even though the 4th of July festivities ended Monday, a local spa is continuing to celebrate our country's independence by giving back.

The Woodhouse Day Spa wants to honor the men and women who continue to fight for our freedom with a special treat.

Tuesday they held a Military Appreciation Event. When they put out the notice two weeks ago, they were booked that same day. 36 active duty military and their spouses received a free spa service.

Erica Miller is the owner of the spa. Making people feel relaxed is nothing new to her, but this event is different she wants to give the gift of stress relief to those on the front line.

"This gives them a chance to come in and experience some relaxation and have somebody take care of them for a change," said Miller.

For years, Miller has given military discounts to active duty and their spouses. 

"I just feel like the spouses give up a lot as well, because their husbands are away from home out fighting for our country," said Miller.

But things changed September 5, 2009 when Miller got bad news from her cousin Angela. She was told Angela's husband and Texas Tech Alum Captain Joshua Meadows was killed by gunfire in eastern Afghanistan.

"I'm always trying to think of ideas to honor Angela's and Josh's sacrifice," said Miller.

After losing Joshua almost two years ago, she is now honoring his memory with this spa event. Each year, Miller hopes to give back something simple yet special to those who sacrifice so much.

"We're offering 50 minute complementary services. We're offering the soothing facial, the Swedish message and our hydrating ginger pedicure," said Miller.

It's such a little gesture, but means so much to Miller who knows firsthand the toll military life can take on a family.

"They are able to come in and escape from their everyday life," said Miller.

Melissa and Clay Trotter received treatments. They say they appreciate the support and a simple spa treatment goes a long way.

"Lubbock is really good about taking care of their soldiers," said Clay Trotter.

Woodhouse Day Spa also offers 10% off to military and their spouses. If you would like to book a reservation, you can call at (806) 794-1SPA or you can visit their website at http://www.lubbock.woodhousespas.com/. Their location is at 8201 Quaker Ave. Unit 108.

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