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New Business in Lubbock Means More Jobs

There is big news for Lubbock’s retail businesses. Two new chain stores have moved into town and opened their doors to the Lubbock community. The opening of two big new stores not only provides more selection for Lubbock shoppers, but they add a number of new jobs to Lubbock’s economy.

Bed Bath and Beyond and Academy Sports and Outdoors are two huge retail stores that now give people here on the south plains more to choose from. From kitchen needs, to home decor, to sporting equipment; these new stores reaffirm Lubbock as a 'hub' city.

On Tuesday, Bed Bath and Beyond opened their doors to the Lubbock community. "I'm extremely excited I can't believe we haven't already come here being that it's a university town. We cater to university's during our back to school time. I'm blown over at the response, we've had people come in even when we were just bringing in merchandise people would come up to the door and knock and we're excited," said Toby Tucker, the Bed Bath & Beyond Manager.

Bed Bath and Beyond carries a variety of kitchen items and gadgets, as well as small appliances, home decor, bedding and all your bath accessories. "Wonderful, I mean it gives you a bigger choice," one shopper said. "From what my employees tell me and customers that have come in, Lubbock welcomes new businesses with open arms and we're here for them", Tucker said.

Academy Sports and Outdoors opened Wednesday morning, to customers waiting at their front door. This Texas based chain also caters to university towns. "We carry all the team sports; we have a golf shop and fitness. We also carry 750 styles of footwear, we have a huge apparel department that could stand alone if it needed to and we also carry camping, hunting and fishing," said Randy Barfield, Academy Sports Manager.

"Lubbock's been needing a sporting good store for a long time. Wal-Mart doesn't offer some of the things that these do and the local gun stores are getting pretty expensive so Lubbock's been needing this," one shopper said. "I think it's an excellent thing for Lubbock", another shopper said.

From bicycles, to pool tables, to something new to wear people on the south plains were ready for academy. "It’s great. They have a lot of different things, its' kinda like a Wal-Mart of sporting goods. You ought to be able to get anything you want here."

Between the two new stores, more than one hundred jobs have been created. Academy alone hired about 70 local workers. A spokesman for the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce told us today, they welcome the new businesses, and encourage them to create good competition for the smaller local stores.

They also hope the chain stores will get involved with the community.

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