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Donate Used Glasses and Help the Needy

Lubbock postal carriers are again looking for more than just mail in your mailbox this Halloween, and I'm not talking about candy. They're hoping to collect a lot of eye glasses. It's all part of a program sponsored by the Lions Club and Lens Crafters called Sight Night.

They hope you'll take time to search for old prescription glasses, reading glasses, sunglasses, even kid glasses that you might otherwise throw away and put them in your mailbox, or drop them off at any Lens Crafters. Even if the lenses are cracked or the frames are worn, they can be recycled.

The goal for this Sight Night is to collect 150,000 used glasses nationwide to be delivered with Free Vision Services to the needy around the world. Sunglasses are really important, they can protect against a lot of problems particularly in countries where the heat and wind are at times unbearable.

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