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The Green Glow: Does It Work?

Illuminate your hair this Halloween with Green Glow. Supposedly, it glows in the dark and makes your hair do the same. All for under five bucks. But Does It Work?

The package comes with a comb that fits right on the tube for easy application. On this comb there are holes in between each bristle and that's where the glow goo comes out.

Whitney Seifert was brave enough to be our test mummy, I mean dummy. "If you want hair that glows in the dark seems like a good one," said Whitney, so we didn't waste anytime and were both anxious to see if it worked.

I squeezed the tube and combed the cream-like substance into Whitney's hair. After doing half of her hair, we found a nice dark place to do our viewing. Because the camera lens was not sensitive enough, it wasn't picking up the glowing, but in person I could see Whitney's hair glowing.

Green Glow will make your hair glow in the dark, but here's a warning: it does make your hair feel extremely greasy. The Green Glow works and can be purchased at The Joker at 50th & Avenue Q.

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