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Tech Police Chief Under Fire

"The root issue is you can't attract and retain employees at the police department," said Kevin Lawrence, Deputy Executive Director of the Texas Municipal Police Association.

Lawrence was invited to Texas Tech to explore the reason behind a chronic staffing shortage at the police department. "It seems that the inability to attract and retain employees centers around the chief's office," said Lawrence.

Chief Jay Parchman, in command since the mid-80's, had his management style ripped apart in a recent survey. 61 current and former employees responded; police officers, supervisors, guards, some with more than 10 years of experience. To the statement, "Chief Parch man is a good manager," 91% disagreed, while 75% felt that they might be subject to some sort of retaliation for taking part in the survey. Under additional comments, one person wrote, "The only thing stopping a department wide walkout is the respect that the officers have for themselves, the Texas Tech community, and the dedication of a committed peace officer."

"I've never seen a survey with such overwhelming results," said Lawrence. A department wide meeting has been scheduled for Friday. One question almost certain to come out - Is the solution to have Parchman leave? "I don' t know that there's anything else that can be done," said Lawrence.

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