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A new way to help treat scoliosis

Some are calling it a breakthrough for young people, who are showing the first sign of scoliosis, which is a gradual curvature of the spine. It's a first of its kind tool that helps take the guesswork out of how aggressively a child with scoliosis should be treated.

It's called the Scolio-score.  Patients just spit in a cup, and lab analysts look for 53 genetic markets in that spit.  Depending on how many they find, they assign that patient a score between one and 200, which predicts the risk that their spine will curve.

Dr. Rick Sasso said, "A low score means that there is very small chance, 99 percent chance that this curve will not progress. A very high score is a high predictive value high chance very high chance that this curve is going to progress no matter what we do even put in a brace."  "If we had known that our curve is going to eventually stop then I think the appointments would have been way less stressful."

If scoliosis impacts you or your family, you might want to ask your doctor if you could benefit from the Scolio-score test.

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