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VIDEO: Lubbock girls make 2nd cut: America's Got Talent


Three young girls from Lubbock known as Avery and the Calico Hearts wow' d the judges for a second time Wednesday night on NBC's hit show "America's Got Talent."

We brought you this story when the girls made their first appearance on the show Tuesday night. Now, the trio is headed to Hollywood.

Avery Winter, 9, Brooklyn Elbert, 10, and Kassidy King, 10 picked the oldie, but goodie song "It's your thing" by the Isley Brothers for their second performance. They thought  it would get Judge Piers Morgan's attention, one of the hardest judges to impress. If you saw the show last night, you know it did.

However, they got a bit nervous when they hit the stage. Piers criticized the girls for not being on tune, but he also smiled.  He did accuse judge Howie Mandell of being "delusional" for saying the girls were good enough to have their own TV show.  But the third judge, Sharon Osbourne, sided with Mandell in favor of Avery and the Calico Hearts.

"It's a tough decision.  Very tough," Osbourne said at the end of the Las Vegas episode.   "You're going to Hollywood."

So, the girls made the cut, they're among 48 acts. 

The girls say this is a dream come true for them, but they say they could have done it without their home town support. In particular, the Cactus theatre where they spent years perfecting their voice.

"Don Caldwell started the Cactus Theatre and if it wasn't for him we probably would be able to go to America's Got Talent," said Avery, Brooklyn and Kassidy.

They say before they even got to this point, they had to audition for the show in February without the judges.

"We had to wait until the end of April. And we were like come on call!" the girls said.

Finally June came around. They say behind the scenes in their first audition in Houston was nerve wrecking.

"They put us in a holding room where all the other acts were. We didn't know when they were going to sing they would just come and get you and say you're fixing to sing," said the girls.

Now, the trio is working to go further.

"We practice every day," said Avery.

They know this is a competition, somewhere these fans of the show never thought they would be.

"I never thought I would be on the show. It seemed scary," the girls said.

The girls will head to Hollywood for the live show. Watch for them in the next four weeks on KCBD.

This time they will need votes from viewers, so be sure to vote for them because without votes they will not advance to the semi-finals.

The next episode will air Monday at 7 pm. For more dates and times on more episodes click on programming.

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