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Four-year-old abandoned on I-20 will stay in foster care

Angel Flores (Provided by KTXS News) Angel Flores (Provided by KTXS News)

By Jocelyn Tovar, KTXS News

SWEETWATER, TX -- The four year old boy, Angel Flores, found last week abandoned on Interstate 20 will stay with a foster family, a judge ruled today.

This morning Nolan County Court at Law Judge David Hall ruled that Angel will stay with his current foster family until a day yet to be determined.

In the meantime, Angel's biological mother, Dana Campos and uncle, Angel Estrada, will be undergoing a study by Child Protective Services. This will include home evaluations, a psychological evaluation, and parenting classes that could take up to sixty days to complete.

After that time, Judge Hall could then grant custody to the mother.

The Judge also granted a protective order against the father, meaning that if he were to bail out of jail, he would have to stay away from Angel.

Carlos Rico, the father of four-year-old Angel who was found walking on I-20 Tuesday, has been charged with attempted capital murder and now has a $500,000 bond.

"Voices told him to strangle his son and leave him for dead," said Sweetwater Police Chief Jim Kelley. The father of the little boy found walking down the middle of I-20 yesterday is back in Sweetwater Wednesday night, now in police custody.

Carlos Rico admitted to abandoning his child Angel June 28th but Sweetwater law enforcement tell us, because he also admitted to choking the young boy and leaving him for dead, he could face attempted murder charges.

It was during a trip with his son from Lubbock to Saginaw when Rico, "Had a religious experience," Chief Kelley said. "Where he was told to choke his son and leave him on the side of the road... and that's what he did."

Although officials had no clue Tuesday, Chief Kelley says they've now determined four-year-old Angel spent more than three hours on the interstate by himself.

"We're lucky he didn't get run over or some pervert didn't pick him up," Chief Kelley said.

A Sweetwater high school coach picked him up and brought him to police. Angel had noticeable choke marks around his neck while he was being treated at a local hospital.

He's made a full recovery and is in the custody of child protective services.

"We got to be with Angel all day long," said Kelley.

His father is currently charged with endangering a child but Chief Kelley said that could change.

"As we develop more information we will hopefully upgrade this to at least attempted murder if not attempted capital murder for trying to kill a child under six," Kelley said.

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