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Lights Out for Lubbock Sex Offenders

It's about to get even tougher for Lubbock sex offenders. "There's approximately 100 offenders right now that we're targeting on Halloween night. They can't be around any children," says David Rowan, Adult Probation Officer.

Project Lights Out prohibits sex offenders from participating in trick or treating. In fact, they have a strict curfew; in by six, porch light out, curtains drawn, and they can't open the door. It's a way to keep your kids from knocking on the wrong house.

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"We've never gone door to door in the last five years that we've lived here." Mother of four Sawyer Lewis doesn't blame that on sex offenders living in her neighborhood, she just takes her kids places she knows are safe. But now of this new rule she may switch to the traditional way of trick or treating, door to door. "I think it's good it's a measure. It's a step positive thing. I think that maybe the public should be made away of this."

Officer David Rowan says this new program is two fold, "One, it helps community provides safety. And two, it helps the offenders. It doesn't set them up to fail."

So if you see lights out, Rowan says don't assume a sex offender lives there. It's always best to avoid any house with their porch light off. If sex offenders do not comply with Project Lights Out, they will be reported to the district attorney's office.

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