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Dairy Queen donates $33,834 to Ranger fan's family

Monday, the Texas Dairy Queen Operators' Council (TDQOC) announced they are donating $33,834 to the family of Shannon Stone, the Brownwood, TX firefighter who died July 7 after a fall from the left field upper railing at The Ballpark in Arlington while attempting to catch a baseball for his six-year-old son.

To help support Stone's family, the TDQOC announced Saturday, July 9th that they pledged to donate $1 for each person in attendance at Sunday's game between the Texas Rangers and the Oakland Athletics. The attendance at Sunday's game was $33,834.

"Like the rest of the country, we were extremely saddened by the accident that took Shannon Stone's life and wanted to do what we could to help Mr. Stone's family," said TDQOC President Larry Newell. "Dairy Queen, like the game of baseball, is a family destination and both are part of virtually every community in Texas. When something like this happens, the family needs the help of their community more than ever. As a Brownwood firefighter, Mr. Stone spend 18 years selflessly serving his community and as part of that extended community, we want to give something back to his family."

The TDQOC will make the donation of $33,834 to the Shannon Stone Memorial fund set up by The Texas Rangers after Stone's death last Thursday.

The Dairy Queen restaurants in Texas are represented by the Texas Dairy Queen Operators' Council, which includes approximately 200 franchisees who own nearly 600 restaurants throughout the state. The Council provides guidance and support for the owners in such areas as hot food specifications, quality control, marketing and operations.

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Texas Dairy Queen Operators' Council

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