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Church Theft Reveals God's Righteousness

You may remember Shane Brooks, the country music star turned preacher. He leads the congregation at Elgin Avenue Baptist Church, and recently the church suffered a great loss, a loss that made their relationship with God stronger through the Power of Prayer.

Every Sunday morning, pastor Shane Brooks leads worship based on praising god through God's word and prayer, and song. But it takes thousands of dollars of audio equipment to make each worship possible. About a month ago church members discovered all that equipment was gone.

"We came in that Tuesday and realized our windows had been cracked into and they broke into our church and they'd gotten our drum set," says Brooks.

In all $7,000 in equipment had been stolen. Everything from musical instruments, to computers...even audio equipment. But instead of being angry about what happened to their church, pastor Brooks put the situation in God's hands but didn't pray to have their things returned.

"The Lord laid it on my heart to pray for the people who had stolen our stuff. I said Lord, I just ask for a blessing on the people that stole our stuff Lord, I ask that your righteousness is revealed to them. Then something miraculous happened the very next day.

"Monday around noon I get a call," says Brooks.

Pastor Brooks described to the caller what they were missing and was shocked at what he heard.

"He (the caller) said, that's what I thought, he said, I have those computers," says Brooks.

As it turns out the caller had everything else and says a family member stole the items and he wanted to do the right thing and return them. Pastor Brooks says even though the equipment was returned, God did more than just answer a prayer. Church members say through the heart of a sinner righteousness was revealed but it was the power of prayer that made it all possible.

"I believe in the power of prayer that anything we ask he will give us," says Brooks.

"I think this is something we can expect everyday, we've begun to experience God in a real way," says Mike, Lowe, a church member.

"It's easy to talk about God and having faith in God but when you pin God's feet to the fire and say God do this and God does that, what greater building of faith is there," says Brooks.

The church members say though everything turned out well in the end. They have not forgotten that having faith is something that should happen every day. And that prayer is not about what we want but about God's work.

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