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Consider This....Honor the Daily Sacrifice


Tuesday was a tragic reminder of what it takes to truly protect and serve. As you may have seen, Corporal Darrell Campbell, of the Snyder Police Department, was senselessly shot in the head while responding to a call.

Now Corporal Campbell and his family knew the risks when he joined the force, but who could have predicted exactly what would happen when he left for work Monday night?

Every time an officer puts on the uniform, they are, in a sense, going to war.  Their daily beat is their battlefield and they, much like our soldiers, take risks every day that most of us will never have to take. And sadly for most of us, it takes a tragedy like this for us to truly appreciate their service.

Consider this:

Let's take time every time we cross paths with an officer of the law and thank them. Thank them not just for their service, but their sacrifice. You see just knowing the risk is a daily sacrifice in itself. Because whether it's a traffic stop or a hostage situation, they risk everything every time they respond.

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