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Low Turnout for Early Voting on Lubbock Sales Tax Election

Here's a look at some early voting numbers from the past three special elections.

  • In 1998 13,197 people early voted for the sales tax increase election.
  • In the smoking election in May of last year, 9,293 people early voted.
  • Now, this years election, 8,786 have voted so far.

Progress Lubbock Chairman David Seim says low turnout could be voter apathy. "If people who are in favor of this don't go out and vote, we stand a very good chance of not being successful," said Seim.

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Democratic Chairwoman Irma Guerrero has a positive outlook on the early voting numbers but is still encouraging a no vote on the city proposed sales tax increase. "I can't see the voters going to the polls to give themselves a tax," she said.

Most of the votes counted on Friday came from Southwest Lubbock. Where the least amount 316 early votes came from east Lubbock. "It only tells me that Southwest Lubbock is wanting a tax reduction and of course. Their property is worth a whole lot more there, so there would be a lot more savings," said Guerrero.

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Remember, the city's proposal is to raise taxes 3/8ths of a cent. One eighth of it will go toward economic development two eighths will be used to offset high property appraisals.

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