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Consider This...What are they thinking down there?


It's easy to criticize government for the smallest things, but this one takes the cake. I couldn't believe my eyes last night. I turned on the news to see the City Health Department shutting down a food line for the homeless.

That's right. A food inspector showed up and stopped a church group that has been providing meals every week for a couple of years. They said they needed a permit to serve home-cooked meals.

Consider this:

I'm not questioning the rules that require a permit. But there are plenty of people in town who wouldn't lift a finger to help these folks, much less cook them a meal. So when someone steps up and shows some kindness, the city steps in and stops it?

What's next? The family picnic patrol? Are we going to probe neighborhoods for lemonade stands? That is just about how absurd this thing is. 

Wasn't it our City Council who said it is private citizens who should help the homeless, and not the government? And now their slapping them in the face for helping.

Come on City Council, where are you on this one?

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