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Construction Workers Death a Reminder for Drivers to Slow Down

Lubbock police say the accident that occured on Canyon Lakes Drive and the North Loop on Tuesday morning was a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Jose Munoz was standing just across the access road here when the car was sent careening in his direction. Lubbock police say this accident only illustrates what they've been saying all along.  "Slow down in construction zones!"

Each day construction workers put themselves in harm's way to make our roadways a better place to travel. Construction Foreman Tom Jones has spent the last 23 years in construction and he's been lucky. He's seen only one fatality in his career, but lives each day knowing he has one of the most dangerous jobs on the road. 

"Just because you're behind the cones or barrels doesn't mean you're safe infact one of our rules next to traffic. The buddy rule is somebody's watching traffic cause you never know when one of those freak accidents is gonna happen," says Jones.

Lubbock police call what happened Tuesday morning just that. A chance occurrence with an unfortunate outcome. "The man that got hit was standing in the right place and then the vehicle took a straight path and hit the pedestrian," says Captain Richard Foster.

But chance or not, Lubbock police and construction workers want to remind drivers once again to be extra careful around construction zones. "There are signs that tell you please slow down big orange signs come down to 50mph and what we see is generally people are not doing that and we put those signs up for a reason," says Jones.

But workers say even with all the orange signs and vests in the world, it's up to you to be aware of work zones. "You're in a construction zone we need you to slow down and pay attention," says Jones.

In the meantime, workers make sure to be aware of drivers and dangerous situations.  "We remind our employees to always look for an escape route always have a way to jump and escape a situation.  Can I get out of traffic should it come into my work area," says Jones.

According to Captain Foster with the Lubbock Police Department, the death of Jose Munoz marks the 26th traffic fatality in Lubbock this year.

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