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A Feel for the Sales Tax Vote

It was 3:00 PM at Bowie Elementary. School was about to release students for the day and we found quite a few people standing around who had something to say about the sales tax increase proposal. And they all have voted on the issue.

"If someone wants to start a business bad enough, they'll find a way with or without taxes. But not at my expense."

"I see the good and bad points. I can see where a business would bring more income but a lot of people don't want to pay now and not see the benefits until later on."

"I don't believe them (when they say they'll lower property taxes.) They lie about everything. They say they're going to do one thing and they do another. They're (city officials) nothing but a bunch of crooks."

Then we headed across town to a polling place tucked away on the outskirts of Lubbock. The Disabled American Veterans building didn't have anyone inside voting, but as of 3:30 PM, 98 people had voted..

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