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Disabled veteran tired of fighting the same battles


A local disabled veteran is frustrated with the Lubbock Police Department after being ticketed several times for parking in handicap spaces when he wasn't breaking the law.

Navy veteran Monty Trimble, 50, has a disabled veteran's license plate on his car after coming back from overseas with knee problems.

"I had several falls and injuries aboard ships. I currently have to wear knee braces on both legs, but maneuvering stairs is difficult because of the pain and pressure," said Trimble.

The last two letters on Trimble's license plate are DV, for disabled veteran, and along the bottom in red letters it says "Disabled Veteran U.S. Armed Forces" but the plate doesn't display a blue and white handicap wheelchair symbol.

That's where the confusion sets in.

"I just want people to understand that you don't have to have the wheelchair symbol on your license plate if you're a disabled veteran," said Trimble. "Veterans are put into a special classification because we did serve our country."

According to state law, any veteran with these plates can park anywhere except No Parking Zones. That means he has the right to park to in handicap spaces and even metered parking without paying. Yet the tickets still come in.

"I received three in the last year and all three have been dismissed, but it's taken several hour and days of speaking to people to get them dismissed. It's extremely frustrating especially when you're going to school full time as a student and you have to take time out of your classes," he said.

After making several calls to LPD and to city council, Trimble's ticket was finally dismissed Wednesday. LPD says they have now notified all officers of the law to help prevent this from happening again.

Trimble says he hopes other veterans will be spared the same battle.

"I would just like the public to be aware disabled veterans are there and they do have that right. Even though it's a specialty license plate you have to have given a part of yourself to be able to receive those plates," he said.

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