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Food for Thought Report 7.21

We spice up this week's Food for Thought list with a repeat perfect performance. Anna's Mexican Restaurant at 6923 Indiana sizzles once again. For a complete list of scores please click here.

"I have to really give a lot of the credit to my workers. They've been with me long enough to know my expectations. My wait staff, my back of the house, everybody is a team player to help me keep it clean," owner Anna Olivarez says.

She and her husband opened Anna's about four years ago, and they say they've had pretty much the same crew ever since. While that's a huge part of their recipe for perfection, their efforts at keeping everything fresh pay off as well.

"We try to use fresh ingredients; that's our goal. We make everything here. Like our tamales we make here; people don't know that, but we actually make tamales on site. That's our key, that's our goal - is to make everything fresh."

Anna says she expects her staff to follow what she calls her golden rule, "Handle (the customer's) food and prepare it how you would want your food prepared when you go out to eat."

And her crew knows she demands a high standard, "She expect very high of us: wash our hands after everything, make sure everything is clean, smile - that's not being clean, but we have to smile," waitress Kaci Workman says.

There's a bounty of choices at our next stop. A&W/Long John Silver's at 3415 S. Loop 289 reels in a big plate of perfection.

Open just a few weeks and already getting comfy at the top. Chick-Fil-A at 6416 82nd was flawless in their first inspection.

Silver Bullet at 5145 Aberdeen is in perfect pitch once again. They add another top performer to their list of tunes.

And finally, we wrap up this week's list of top performers with a sweet treat. The Great American Cookie inside the South Plains Mall once again bakes up a perfect score.

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