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A Chewy-licious Calcium Supplement

I confess. I'm not a good milk drinker unless I'm eating chocolate. If you have the same problem, you might be interested in what a Lubbock doctor suggested to me. If you need extra calcium but don't like swallowing a bunch of calcium pills every day this may be a good alternative. Dr. John Fillipone, a Gynecologist, suggests a new calcium chew that tastes like candy, it's called Viactiv.

The label reads nutrition for women by women. We asked Peggy Sullivan here at the station to try it. Peggy has cracked her wrist and she has what's called Degenerative Bone Disease. So, she's high risk for Osteoporosis and takes calcium supplements. We gave her a Viactiv instead.

She said that they tasted great and she wouldn't mind having one after each meal to have a sweet finish to the meal and get the calcium. Two chews give you a thousand milligrams of calcium.

Just look for the purple can in the health section of your grocery store or pharmacy. Viactiv comes in chocolate, caramel or orange cream.

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