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The Pet Grooming Brush: Does It Work?

Prissy is one stinky dog. Maybe the Ionic Pet Grooming brush can help. That's right, it's supposed to brush away pet odors, like giving your pet a bath without water. What?

Now that seems like a dream come true for animals. "I'd be out of business," said Pampered Pets CEO, Diana Dowd. It was a no brainer to get her to test this product.

This is how it works: the brush releases a gentle stream of ionized air that quickly neutralizes pet odors. Verbatim off the box! "Oh yeah, there's a bit of a breeze," said Diana.

Prissy goes first! "Prissy is definitely stinky," said Diana. The directions say to brush, that's it! So we did. We sniffed this canine out. "I can't tell a difference either. But it (the makers) give you the impression that after you give it one or two strokes you're going to get a fresh pet. And so far, I'm not seeing one," said Diana.

It's Emma's turn. She's a short haired dog. She's dirty too. "So far, no good. We've just dirtied a brush and made the brush smell," said Diana after brushing Emma.

And now, a long haired dog. This is Molly. She hasn't had a bath for 8 weeks! "Do you want to smell the brush? she's like no!" said Diana to Molly.

If someone were to rely on this solely as a grooming tool.. "No, it wouldn't even get the tangles out of a poodle!" replied Diana.

We'll be burying the pet groomer with the rest of the bones, it Doesn't Work.

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