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Purple House of Protest

It was almost poetic. A pink sky perched over a purple house of protest. "The city just assumed that just because there's four bedrooms here, that we have four unrelated people and that's wrong," said Brian Bosworth, who, along with his brother and two other roommates who are cousins, are perturbed over a peculiar policy which they perceive as nothing more than political poppycock. "We're nice guys and don't deserve to get picked on like this," he said.

Their predicament? A neighbor they say with a predisposition against pupils, trying to push them out with a policy punishing non-related pals. "We've got two brothers and two cousins, we're legal," he said.

Hence, the purple house of protest. A primal punch at pug-nosed pontification. Part two. Two years ago the house had polka-dots. "Now we're part of the fight and hoping to overturn the city ordinance," he said. That means petitions and pounding the pavement. Perhaps some professors could proffer some extra points." That would be nice, I could use some help," he laughed.

Brian says the Texas Tech Student Government Association has offered to aid in his quest to fight the city ordinance.

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