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New Option for Breast Prosthesis

One of the biggest challenges women face after radical breast cancer surgery is finding a prosthesis that fits and feels right. But new technology is helping in the fitting room.

The standard prosthesis is kind of weighty and fits inside a pocket in the bra. But this new prosthesis takes into account that a mastectomy leaves different contours of the chest wall for different women. The procedure to custom make this new prosthesis is non invasive. Instead, it uses a 3-D scanner for the design and magnets to hold it in place.

"I can scan your body with your bra and then again with your bra off, so I can capture your surgical site so each form is custom to the woman's chest wall to her specific surgery," said Kathleen Baker, of Contour Med.

"These are magnets imbedded into the form and using just EKG tabs, worn to the skin, the form will actually adhere right to the woman's chest wall," says Carol Schwebel, Store Owner.

Many women still like the traditional breast prosthetics. This is just a new option for those who want something more fitted against the skin, instead of just placed inside a bra. For more information on Contour Med (click here).

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