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One woman's love for music is spread throughout the community of Lockney

Lucy Dean Record's fingers glide up and down the porcelain keys with ease, as they have done now for 82 years.

"I've been playing [piano] since I was five years old. I started playing in public when I was 7," she says.  "I just love doing it"

Music is the heart of her soul; her piano playing covers many lonely hours.

Many people ask about her last name, Record, and think it's not really hers because it's just too perfect.

"I looked for a longtime for a man that had a last name that would go with my profession and when I found him I married him in two months and stayed with him until he passed away 48 years later."

After World War II, Lucy Dean came back to Lockney with her husband, C.L., who wasn't well. Bills had to be paid, so she used her talents to support her family.

"I'm probably the cheapest piano lesson in the country I started at one dollar in 1946," she says. "This is my very first year of teaching when I got $1."

Even to this day she's probably still the most affordable piano teacher around at $14. Over the years, she's taught more people how to play than the entire population of Lockney. Her studio is conveniently across the alley from her house.

When she's not at home, Record is on tour with the bands. "Aren't I lucky? There are five that ask me to play with them!" 

"I'm the oldest; the boys are in their 50s and 60s occasionally some in their 70s."

"Right now I'm playing with a split tendon, it will not improve, but it will not deter my playing"

Her passion is teaching and she'll keep doing it as long as students want to learn.

"My aim is to give them something to do to fill lonely moments; hopefully some will become concert material and play for the love of themselves."

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