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Vistacare Nurses Bring Care through the Power of Prayer

Vistacare is the nation's leading hospice care provider. There, healthcare workers care for terminally ill patients, some have just months to live.

Here in Lubbock, Vistacare workers care for patients not only physically but spiritually. For workers, emotions run very high and the burden that comes with that can be enormous. But these special caretakers possess amazing courage and strength coming from none other than the Power of Prayer.

More than a dozen highly trained nurses work at Vistacare. Each day, they travel hundreds of miles across the South Plains to care for patients who suffer from incurable illnesses, but perhaps the skill they value the most and practice everyday is prayer.

"It is a ministry that we're doing because we're able to touch people in ways that you know you may not see them in a church so we get to bless people through this job," says Danna Colomb, R.N. of Vistacare.

And don't let their appearances fool you, there should be a pair of wings strapped to the backs of those scrubs because these nurses say the source of their strength doesn't come from years of training but a few minutes with God each day in prayer.

"We couldn't do it without Him, and that's why Vistacare is so blessed because you have so many people here that do believe in God and the power of prayer," says Danna.

Instead of working in a hospital filled with patients, nurses Cathy Banks and Danna Colomb travel to patients' homes. Going house to house and bringing hugs, inspiration, and friendship to everyone they meet who is ill or may be losing a loved one. They say it was a calling from God that brought them here many months ago, and it's easy to see these nurses have a special knack when it comes to comforting patients.

"When the Lord opens a door for you, it's there for the opportunity and for the taking, and that's how I felt when I got to Vistacare," says Cathy Banks, R.N., of Vistacare.

Each day these ladies see the harsh reality of death, but it's prayer that carries them through troubled times, as new patients come into their lives and others pass on.

"Being able to be next to a patient who is dying and hold their hand and rub their head and pray with them and them knowing that you're there and it's just amazing what you feel with them," says Vistacare Chaplain, Jonanna Ross.

"My prayer is, 'everyday Lord use me as you will and to help me be a light for your word and not for mine,'" says Cathy.

As workers touch the lives of patients, they humbly say that it's the patients that touch them instead, teaching them about the Power of Prayer and making their jobs even more rewarding.

"My job is a blessing everyday and a very humbling experience because you're going into people's homes everyday that are looking for a light of hope, and hopefully we can bring that to them," says Cathy.

There are more than a dozen Vistacare facilities in Texas, that's more than any other state. If you would like to learn more about Vistacare or make a donation to this non-profit organization, you can (click here).

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