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Wicked Beaver Brewery opening in Wolfforth


A stuffed beaver is mounted on the wall, and a quick look down to see a beer bottle in the large rodent's claws will tell you this isn't your typical brewery.

"We tossed around a lot of different names and came up with Wicked Beaver which stuck as soon as I came up with it," laughed Michael Adams. "The marketing is endless. We have even been in one contest on the Internet for the best brewery name and we've never even sold a drop of beer."

Located in Wolfforth, the Wicked Beaver Brewery is the brain child of Michael Adams and Che Shadle, two long-time friends who have been brewing beer since college.

"I like all beers I guess you can say," laughed Adams. "What I found out is it is like cooking. It's like being a chef, you try to perfect what you're doing and you want people to enjoy it."

The idea began to brew in Adams' head in 2009, and after two years their ale of a dream is finally coming around. The Wicked Beaver is expected to open in two to four weeks with three of their special crafted beers.

"The black ale was an accident. I haven't changed it from the first time I made it because I was just trying to darken up a lighter beer," said Adams.

Besides the Midnight Ale, the Wicked Beaver will also be making a lighter Cream Weaver and a Timber Ale. "Even people who aren't even beer people will like it because the difference in a craft beer and say your regular beer is it's a very flavorful beer," said Adams.

Once the brewery is open, Adams says they will begin selling their brews in kegs to restaurants, bars and other customers. Then later on they will eventually begin packaging and canning the beer.

To check out the Wicked Beaver Brewery you can (click here) or to visit their Facebook page (click here).

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