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Ralls gets a new "thumping" ambulance


The EMS in Ralls is adding a new addition to grab the attention of distracted drivers.  In a loud music, MP3 loving, cell phone world, too often ambulances are faced with the challenge of getting drivers out of their way.  Ralls EMS says most of the time its hard with their old truck because their lights weren't very good and drivers couldn't see them coming or they barely heard them coming, most of the time.

But, a new addition to the Ralls EMS is set to change that and its called "the howler."  The howler has 2 big speakers underneath the front of the truck.  The speakers send a vibration so loud that if someone is in front of them and they can't hear because they have their radio too loud, then they feel the truck coming.

The siren lets out a thumping sound so loud that will make your car shake.  It sounds two sirens at the same time with one speaker box.   Its sort of like standing too close to a music system when the bass is turned up.  Ralls EMS is glad they have a new tool to let Ralls drivers know an ambulance is headed their way.

Ralls EMS says "they see us coming, they hear us coming, they feel us coming and before it was totally the opposite. Its much better."

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