Jack Dale, a true legend for Texas Tech, will be laid to rest today

Jack Dale(center), Gerald Myers(background)
Jack Dale(center), Gerald Myers(background)

Jack Dale passed away Friday evening, but the memory of the 79-year old broadcaster are still alive in one fellow broadcaster, among many others.

"When they blew the whistle to start a game, football or basketball, that's when he really came alive," said long-time Texas Tech broadcast John Harris.

And that was Jack Dale. He was a voice Red Raiders grew to know over 1300 Texas Tech basketball broadcasts. It's those stunning numbers, that longevity that characterizes Dale's tenure in the homes and radios of Texas Tech fans.

"Anyone who does anything for that long a period of time, and does it as well as he did, deserves to be remembered," said Harris. "And that says worlds about Jack."

It's not often a broadcaster can be remembered alongside a program for that long. However, it was that extended period of excellence that likened Dale to the Red Raider faithful.

"I think Texas Tech was really special to him. I think he liked the people, the people liked him, and he did a great job at what he was doing," remembers Harris.

Whether you remember his 47 years with Texas Tech football or his 50 years with Red Raider basketball, Jack Dale will always be remember by not only the Texas Tech family but West Texas as well. Harris remembers one story which endeared him to the 79-year old broadcaster.

"There was something [off the air] Jack would always say when we were done with a game, when everything was packed up and it was time to leave, Jack always said: 'hey, let's go home.' That's what we did, and that's what he's done now. He really will be missed."

Funeral services for Mr. Dale will be at 2pm at Trinity Church.

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