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Consider This...Thank you Jack Dale


You may not recognize his face, but his voice was as much a symbol of Texas Tech sports as the Masked Rider, Raider Red, or the Double-T itself. 

And with that, Tech fans and students alike mourn the loss of longtime sportscaster Jack Dale. He died peacefully Friday. He was 79.

Consider this:

Jack Dale stayed true to his passion. That was his secret.  He wasn't from here, but when he arrived in 1952 he fell in love with Lubbock and the university.

He had many opportunities to do other things that some might say were bigger and better. But he stayed true to his love of Texas Tech athletics for over 50 years.

Coaches came and went, star players faded, but Jack was always there. He made us feel good to be Red Raiders year after year.

If Jack Dale taught us anything, it's that success is more than doing something that makes you happy. It's doing something that makes other people happy, too.

And that's what he did. We should all be so lucky to leave that kind of legacy.

Thank you, Jack Dale. You will be missed.

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