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New hope for infants with heart failure

There is new hope for infants with heart failure.  A hospital in California is one of the first in the nation to surgically implant an artificial heart. It's called the Berlin Heart. With every pump, it sends two teaspoons of blood through the baby's little body.  It can do the work of a real heart while waiting for a donor heart.

Dr. David Rosenthal said, "Instead of waiting for heart transplant in an almost hibernating state-not getting any calories and being on a breathing machine, she can look at her Mother's face."

The artificial heart gives babies a chance to put on weight and grow stronger, which increases her chance of a successful transplant when she does find a donor organ.  An FDA advisory committee has unanimously recommended approval of the Berlin Heart for children. That means babies across the nation may soon be able to benefit from this same device.

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