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Lubbock Sheriff Dept. asking for more money, manpower


During Tuesday's Lubbock County Commissioner's meeting, Sheriff Kelly Rowe asked for money to help provide more staff at the Lubbock County Sheriff's Department.

Currently, the Lubbock County Sheriff's Office only employs 12 Deputies for the entire county of about 280,000 residents. During today's meeting, he asked for more deputies.

"We've asked for 10 additional positions this year to augment that," Rowe said.

He's also looking to increase his support staff.

"We're looking at our criminal investigation division, narcotics, communications and animal control are all top priorities this year," Rowe said.

According to Rowe, the increase in staff will cost about $1.4 Million. He says he understands times are tough, but says it's important to keep the county safe.

"Last year alone, we had over 110,000 calls for service, so we're looking to be able to meet that type of response," Rowe said.

Lubbock County Commissioner Bill McCay says he understands the Department's dilemma.

"Understanding the problem is the easy part, trying to find it is the tough part," McCay said. "I'm confident that we're going to find some money to fund some degree (of) what he requested."

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