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A Special Veterans Day Assembly in Idalou

As construction continues at the Lubbock Area Veterans Memorial, bricks continue to sell across the South Plains. On Tuesday NewsChannel 11 learned of another brick that will soon be added to the wall, though this one came as a surprise to its recipient.

At Idalou Middle school Tuesday morning the student body gathered for a Veterans Day assembly.

"Simple words can not express to you how much I love this country. I love our way of life, the freedoms we have the things we have to put up with because of who we are Americans," said Principal Steven Scott to the kids.

Principal Scott talked to the kids about the importance of Veterans Day. As a Veteran himself, acknowledgment of this day is of the utmost importance.

"We are truly honored here at Idalou Middle School, Mr. Scott a man who lives up to the essence of the word veteran. We both admire and respect him as a leader and teacher," said 8th grader Clay Crofott at the assembly.

But what Mr. Scott didn't know, is that the students had a surprise in store for him. He was presented with a certificate, representing a brick at the Lubbock's Area Veterans Memorial, purchased with money raised by the students.

"I think role models are very important for kids of this age and to see a man like that with his history and he's a good man and he's very fair," said Teacher RossAnn Hill.

"He uses his experiences to teach them things. Life lessons, patriotism and that sort of thing. I think for them the War and Veterans Day are a far away thing that they don't connect with and so to see him and see that he's a Veteran it brings it closer to home for them," says Teacher Sonya Locascio.

Mr. Scott served as an artillery sergeant in the US Army during Operation Desert Storm. He even received a purple heart after he was wounded in the field. Today he is doing fine, and he remains a proud patriot who spreads the word and importance of Veterans Day.

"It's a way of making sure we don't forget veterans and not just combat veterans, but anybody that served. Of course we remember the trade towers two years ago and what's going on in Iraq. But there are 80-year-old men who survived worse horrors than anybody could imagine in the Pacific, in Germany, the young kids who survived Vietnam, we just don't need to forget them, any of them," says Principal Scott.

And the students in Idalou won't forget Mr. Scott. "He's made a big impact on everybody's life," said Karli Schilling, an 8th grader.

"The whole school is just wild about Coach Scott," says 8th grader Candi Mayorga.

Mr. Scott says he is not easily surprised but this time, the kids got him.

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