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A scary reminder at Virginia Tech: Texas Tech reacts


Virginia Tech University went into lock down today after three juveniles attending a camp at the university reported seeing someone holding what may have been a handgun.

Just four years ago, Virginia Tech was the site of one of the deadliest shooting rampages in US history.

"It was so severe so tragic the first time it happened that you think oh my gosh, here we go again, and its happening to the same people," Texas tech Communications Director, Chris Cook said.

Thursday, the nation was reminded of those moments when Virginia Tech issued an alert saying someone is possibly carrying a weapon on campus.

Though it turned out not to be a gunman on campus, the reaction to this is a clear reminder of what happened at Virginia Tech in April 2007, when a gunman killed 32 people, injured 25 more, before killing himself. The university was criticized, and ultimately fined, for waiting too long to provide timely information then.  

"This is simply the world we live in today.  People expect and want to know exactly what's happening.  You need to communicate first and investigate later and that's what we did," Virginia Tech head of University Relations Larry Hincker said.

There was no gunman found, but Texas Tech University Police Chief Ron Seacrist says they did the right thing.

"When we have information and feel its valid that there is a possible gunman on campus, I think we would be remised if we didn't act exactly the way they did," Seacrist said.

Virginia Tech immediately notified students and faculty with a message. "If this were to happen at Texas Tech we would initiate our emergency response program and we would send notification through the tech alert system to all faculty staff and students," Seacrist continued.

Even though this scare turned out to be a false alarm, Texas Tech officials say there is no threat to small.

"You hope that the threat is not real, but you have to answer any threat.We have a duty to protect our community," Cook explained.

So how prepared is Texas Tech University for a situation like Virginia Tech's?

"I'm confident the training of our officers, our coordination with local law enforcement, and federal agencies  makes us as prepared as we can be," Seacrist said.

"What Virginia Tech taught us is your as prepared as you can be. Were prepared and we have a good plan in place, but we hope we never have to institute that plan," Cook said.

Better safe, than sorry.

"We've got to assume the worst, prepare for the worst, and hope for the best," Seacrist said.

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