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The summer heat can affect our pet's skin

This dry summer heat doesn't just take its toll on our skin, but your family pet could be suffering too. If your dog is scratching like crazy in the summer sun, you might just think it's a flea or tick problem. However, it could actually be allergies or even sunburn.

Veterinarian, Dr. Kevin Shanley, said "a lot of dogs that have allergies, the ears, the face, the feet and the underside, armpits and belly are the typical areas that are affected the most often."  "Sunburn can be a problem.  We try to tell people to avoid, any dog that has that propensity, to avoid being outdoors between 10 am and 4 pm."

Dr. Shanley says a prolonged itch-scratch cycle can lead to so-called hot spots on the skin. If you think an allergy is to blame, a skin test can identify the culprit. They can check your pet for just about any allergen under the sun.

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