Red Raiders report, start practice Saturday

The 2011 Texas Tech football season opens 4:30pm Saturday with the first fall practice of the new season but first thing's first: Red Raider players reported to the practice facility Friday in anticipation of a second season under head coach Tommy Tuberville.

"You go through your notes you took all summer," said an anxious Seth Doege. "It's kind of hard to sleep at night, because you're so excited."

That same 'excitement' ran through the junior quarterback to the rest of his teammates.

"I'll try and go to bed about 9:30, but I probably won't fall asleep until 12," said freshman tight end Jace Amaro.

Even with angst at a high around campus, it's the upperclassmen who are excited for a different reason; this is their time, their turn, and their opportunity to continue a winning legacy at Texas Tech.

"I took a leadership role over the summer, " said Doege, the assumed starter-to-be at the quarterback spot. "I think my teammates responded well to it."

"We got the whole [offensive line] returning, and guys are going to mesh a lot sooner this season," explained Eric Stephens, the junior running back from Mansfield, Tx. "Last year it took a while to get the running game started, but we should get [the running game] going from the beginning."

Tuberville also chimed in with what impressed him in his second year of offseason workouts: "We're able to do a lot more, in terms of running and conditioning...than we ever thought about this time last year."

The reasons for excitement going into a new season are as mixed as the company, and Red Raider fans hope they will have plenty of excitement when the red and black take the field September 3rd against Texas State.

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