Tuberville impressed by players during first days of practice

Eric Stephens(helmet off) with teammates and coaches
Eric Stephens(helmet off) with teammates and coaches

Athleticism was the talk around the Texas Tech football practice facility Sunday. The second-year coaching regime under head coach Tommy Tuberville seemed pleased about the upgrades in athleticism across the field.

"We look a lot more athletic, and I think everyone would agree," Tuberville said after practice. "We got a little bit more speed, a little bit more athletic ability, and we look stronger. Hopefully that will pay off for us."

Not only did the incoming players impress Tuberville, so did the veterans of the squad.

"If you notice, the older guys out here are starting to play much faster. Even the guys who might be a little bit faster than them, but the older guys play faster because they know what to do."

Among the veterans, Seth Doege and Jacob Karam continued to get most of the team reps in practice.

The first game of the 2011 season scheduled for September 3rd against Texas State, but defensive standout Terrance Bullitt would rather it be sooner.

"We're excited," said the rangy backer from Garland, Tx. "I'm ready to play right now, I wish we could play Texas State tomorrow."

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