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The Air-O-Sage: Does It Work?

Let your boots do the massaging while your legs and feet are invigorated, soothed, calmed and relaxed. Sounds good! For $40, the Air-O-Sage can give you a heavenly massage. But Does It Work?

We headed to Always Day Spa and found Teresa Russell. She loves massages. "Yeah, but nobody gives them," she said. Poor thing! Hopefully the Air-O-Sage will work for her.

Teresa suffers from chronic pain in her leg, so she was very interested to see if the Air-O-Sage worked. We suited her up by zipping her into the suit. There is an air pump that blows air into the suit, eventually applying pressure to the legs and upper thighs.

"Ok, now I'm feeling the pressure," she said after waiting for it to fill up and work. Teresa said it felt tight when it was fully inflated. But seconds later it would deflate.

"Supposedly, this is the deep massage the makers were talking about.

"It's not soothing. It doesn't feel like a deep massage. And for the money spent, I wouldn't say it was worth it," Teresa said. The Air-O-Sage does not work

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