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The Name Game

"The goal here is to review with them what is being proposed and that is to establish a uniform means of submitting proposals," said Lubbock facilities manager Harlan Stauffer, outlining an upcoming topic before the city council over how things get named in the Hub city.

A process currently and curiously devoid of any real guidelines. Including whether or not the person being honored has to be dead. "The current policy is unstated on that, it can be either living or deceased individuals," said Stauffer.

And because of that, some say, the city has occasionally been caught with its pants down. Take Paul Thompson, former LP&L director who stepped down under a dark cloud of mismanagement allegations, but not before being honored with a substation named after him. "The other one that is always brought up and talked about is the entire power plant named after a former council member," said Stauffer. "Ty Cooke?," he was asked. "Ty Cooke," he affirmed.

Of course, limiting the privilege to those who are sure not to have any future transgressions could be difficult. "You have an issue of a current council member that has a facility named after him, and so how would that look if you were saying that it only could be named after deceased people when you have a library named after a current council member," said Stauffer. That would be council member TJ Patterson, unavailable for comment because he was on his way to church- something non-posthumous naming advocates can crow about.

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