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Holiday Mail Deadline Approaching for Your Military Packages

Christmas is still two months away, but if you are wanting to send something overseas to a loved one in the military, it's time to get in the holiday spirit. That's because Thursday is the first deadline for getting a package delivered on time.

Postal workers are hard at work this time of year, sorting mail and packages to be shipped all around the world. This is their busiest time of year, and with all of our thousands of men and women stationed overseas. The amount of mail going out of Lubbock to military is up 200%.

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"One of the things we want people to do is mail early. Naturally the earlier they mail the more we can guarantee they'll be there by Christmas. As people continue to mail the volume increases and things do get slowed down just a little bit depending on what part of the world there going to certain deadlines are there," says Pete Allen, Customer Relations Coordinator with the USPS.

So here's the break down for military mail deadlines, first of all, it all depends on the size and weight of the package you are sending and where you are sending it.

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The parcel post deadline is Thursday. But you can pay more and send your packages by standard mail, that deadline is November 13th to the 28th. Maximum weight is 15 pounds, and size restriction is 60 inches. And the parcel mail deadline is November 26th to December 4th, that includes weight up to 30 pounds and 60 inches in length. All priority mail & first class mail for letters or cards should be sent by December 11th at the latest.

Here are some mailing tips:

  • It helps if you specify the contents in the package on the outside.
  • Use most recent known address, and put a copy of the address inside the package.
  • Use sturdy boxes, pack tightly, and use strong tape.
  • No flammable or hazardous materials.
  • If you are sending something that is battery operated, you can send the batteries but don't install them.
  • Also they recommend no Christian symbols or Christmas decorations.

The most important thing to remember is that even if you get behind, you can still send the packages, they just might not make it before Christmas, and that's ok too. But to be safe, send them out as soon as possible.

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